Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Men's Socks and what they have to say

Ryan loves fashion too. Here are some fancy socks that caught his eye. He read in a style magazine once that a man's business attire should be understated and not meant to express individuality, but that his socks are the piece of clothing that says something about his personality, and what they should say is "f-you." Here are Ryan's f-you socks.

One very important thing I learned while preparing to get married is that I adore Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine. It is full of color, real advice, plenty of how-tos, and it looks like a real person could do it. Ryan can't really get why I still buy this magazine since we are already married. Well, because the magazine makes me feel good. It's pretty. Plus, when I throw parties in the future, I can use some of her ideas!

Speaking of parties, I want so badly to make this cake for an event. It is so bold and bright.

Here are the directions on marthastewart.com
If I was throwing a party just for my friend Adam, I would have little center pieces with water and these tiny walnut sailboats.
See more about these ships here.

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  1. My brother recently got engaged and I'm so excited that I have a legitimate reason to look at bridal mags again! xxxxx


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