Thursday, July 1, 2010

Exercise Saga

Ryan and I are keeping up with the running challenge. We are slightly behind, as we are just almost running a full mile. However, by the early next week, we will easily be there. This month's goal: run 2 miles.

Meanwhile, Ryan wants us to start doing more weights. I think that will definitely help our running goals. Ryan's dad was a power lifter in college. Intimidating. My dad runs 3-4 miles every day. My mom works out with a trainer 3 times a week and has lost 40-50 pounds. Ryan's mom looses weight easily when she puts her mind to it. She does Weight Watchers and increases weights. We have people to inspire us, I guess that's what I am saying. And also, being fit must be in our genes. Or at least determination is.

Here is a move I think I will try. What will Walter think of me doing this in our livingroom?

Move of the Day: A Simple Move for Fit and Fabulous Legs on July 4th!:

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