Friday, May 28, 2010

A new dream

My Baptist past taught me to hope anxiously for marriage, and just as I was about to say, "I do," it hit me- once I'm married- what's next? Know this: Ryan wasn't actually a rush decision based purely on an intense desire for marriage. But despite having worked a lot on wanting the right someone over just someone, it was still super great to get what I had always wanted- being married. Thankfully for me, marriage is all I thought it was cracked up to be. I thank Ryan.

Right, so...what's next? You spend your whole life knowing you are meant to be bound in matrimony...and I got it. What will I want next? I'm starting to think I may want to open a boutique someday. Not now. But possibly someday. I am saving up ideas and pouring over beautiful things...thinking about how fun it would be.

Here are somethings I have enjoyed looking at lately:
  • Dwell Studio I'm especially crazy about the Chinoiserie duvet and check out their studio space. Beautiful!
  • I found this little blog today: So Haute!
  • Ryan introduced me to this blog: Design Sponge
  • I was wild about the head bands from ban do- their whole website is luscious to leaf through
  • Did I mention that I am dying to learn to sew like my friend Lindsay Anderson...on that topic- I want the book Simple Sewing. I would love to make things for my store someday...table cloths...blankets...
  • And I am in love with reading Marth Stewart Weddings still...her magazines are SO beautiful, and they make me want to throw parties and make things pretty.

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  1. I love you! If you lived close, we could sew together. That makes me sad :-( You should sew anyway!


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