Monday, February 8, 2010

Tiny Houses - I am fascinated.

I'll pull up the internet to do something specific, but I usually let myself get distracted by one story on before I must commit to my initial mission. The deal is though that whatever story I start with, I can follow link after link and still be in line with my "allowed distraction." Today, I followed link after link learning about Tiny Houses and downsized living.

Links for you to learn also if you are interested:
This Tiny House blog - Best blog about them I have read so, a decent writer
Tiny Texas Houses homepage - good outside photos, I like how this guy explains the reasoning of Tiny Houses
The New York Times chimes in on the topic of Tiny Houses
The Jewel Box Home- I haven't read over this blog too much yet. This lady is fooling herself if she thinks she is doing small living.

The only thing I could find that truly detailed how this works inside is at this Tiny House Tour.

Ryan and I have been cleaning out our house and organizing it. Something I read on one of the Tiny House blogs said that "what you own also owns you." And I agree. I am feeling so much better with each pile of donations I take to the Goodwill. We don't need so much stuff. We don't need so much stuff. I have to keep telling myself. I start to get anxious as I consider whether to get rid of certain shoes, even if I haven't worn them in a year. I hate that I get anxious over that. I used to think that if I got rid of something, I might really hate myself if I needed it in the future. You know, like a polka dot tank that I could wear under a sweater. Cool it, Ashley. If that is what upsets you in the future, you certainly haven't grown up any.

I've probably told you about the girl I met who owns only 5 pairs of shoes at a time- flip flops, snow boots, running shoes, heels and flats. That is it. So utilitarian. Just what she needs.  She does something similar with her clothing. When I think about the emotionally debilitating piles and piles of laundry Ryan and I create, I seriously consider how to catch up with this girl in getting down to basics. Imagine. I could use jewelry/scarves to change up my outfits. Let's be honest, I wear generally the same thing each day. I have a vision of who I want to be fashion wise...I'm taking the plunge slowly. I may not get down to just five pairs of shoes, but I am getting closer. Mostly, it just makes me feel better when I know I am taking a stand against my heart/mind caring so much about something silly like if I will have a polka dot tank in 4 years when I may want to wear it.

Thank you. Encourage me to let go. I want to clear my life, so I can focus on what matters to me:
  1. Ryan
  2. Family/friends
  3. reading/relaxing/television (yeah, I put that down)/reading blogs
  4. painting...gardening? making a difference in the world...?
  5. Being quiet/yoga?/meditating/exercise?

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