Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Events of 2009

All that has occured:

After many prayers and much effort of will, I found a new job at the Church of Saint Mary and significantly raised my happiness level. Ryan asked me to marry him. We bought a house (also after many tears, lot's of paperwork and way too much emotional investment- not to mention a hell of a lot of "no's" from lenders. Thank you Charlie Bachus!). We painted the entire inside of the house. We experienced a "bohemian summer": Susannah was like family with us this summer- many fun nights and breakfasts, Adam got a new job with the Tulsa World and decided to stay in town (!), Jarrel lost his job, held another one, and got rehired at the Tulsa World (and did not leave Tulsa!), we all became great great friends, Sunday brunch was discovered and celebrated, we went canoing (my very first time!) and camping (we had such an adventure with the great rain that occured!), we visited Beaver, OK and threw in the International Cowchip Throwing Contest, Susannah left for Washington, DC to become a lawyer, I (and Su) turned 25 on 9-9-09 (a date I dreamed of since I was a small child, ha- seriously), I saw Elton John and Billy Joel, Celine Dion (with Mom!), John Legend in concert, I converted to Catholicism (joy of joys), learned to love the rosary, found out priests are hilarious, married the man of my dreams and my very best friend, spent more time with loved ones who live further away (I want to keep this up! **Stephanie), I got two new sisters, I quit writing for TulsaPeople (after much anxiety, but it was a great decision), I visited Las Vegas with my new husband on our honeymoon, we celebrated our first Christmas together, Baba Black Sheep became a part of our family (we adopted more sheep...we are nutty), visited Lawton with Jarrel to meet his family, went on a tour of Texas with Ryan during the summer to meet his family and he to meet my family, our good friend Paul and Julie got married, we got to be a big part of festivities, Rosemary visited for my shower and wedding, Monica visited for the wedding, I didn't paint one picture (I did paint a bust for breast cancer awareness- it sold at the 4th highest price out of 30), new house meant moving out of University Club (sad but worth it), starred with Ryan in "Tulsa A to Z" documentary, got into and decided not to attend graduate school for now...

I had one hell of a year. Ryan and I laughed SO much. Our families are so awesome. Our friends are so dear to us. We are so blessed.


  1. AND you had so many many fabulous phone convos with your friend stephanie!

  2. So many I had to restructure my cell plan to accomodate them. ;-)


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